About Me

Why, hello there! Fancy having you in my page. Welcome, welcome. Let me introduce myself.

I am a wife, a mother, and a college student.  Quite a ballsy set of roles I juggle with day to day don’t ya think?  It’s not as bad as it sounds really. I’m still figuring out my happy medium, in the mean time I’ve come to terms with my not so perfect “routines”. I enjoy reading, photography, gardening, baking, and going for a nice jog when I’m feeling extra wired.

Who do I share my sweet Aleutian castle with?

Well, I landed myself a permanent roommate/babydaddy/BFFL back in high school. He is one of the most down to earth people I know. I admire him for copious reasons, but mainly for his ability to thrive in whatever he puts his mind to.  Others call him my husband, I call him “babe”.  I got him to fall in love with pretty early in our lives with my charm and good looks of course.  Actually, our love story is more like a beautiful disaster. He’s my forever and always and I’ll leave it at that.

Next comes my offspring. She is 4 years young.  Overnight, my little fire cracker has transformed from a 6 lb 3 oz bundle of quiet, immobile perfection to a zooming pre-schooler that cannot get enough of life.  This girl can pick up anything she sees or hears even if she is in the next room over.  No need to ask, this chicklet will let you know what going on in her head.  We’ve learned our lesson(s). Again, I’ll leave it at that.

Our lives consist of various activities from swimming, hikes, Nick Jr, schoolwork and lots of cuddling.  All the while, making the best of what we’ve got and striving for more.


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